Taboret Rug Hooking Stool

Taboret Rug-Hooking Stool

Several years ago I made a rug-hooked stool from Cindy Gay's Ikea rug course. I wanted to make some more but the Ikea stool was permanently discontinued.

I contacted Cindy to see if she had an alternate source for a suitable stool. She did not. I offered to have my son make stools similar but better than the Ikea stool. She said she would be interested and, if the rugs created in her course would fit, she would point customers my way to obtain a stool.

My son Josh and I collaborated to create a stool that doesn't need to be assembled and is made with quality materials. My son developed and created the wooden frame and I added thickly cushioned foam and strong cotton batting to complete the furniture.

We've created a limited edition of 20 Taboret stools, sized to the original Ikea stool dimensions. The rug cover fits perfectly!

These stools, handmade in America, will run for $100.00 plus shipping. Reach out today to order your Taboret, while supplies last!


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