MINK Recycled Teddy Bears

MINK Recycled Teddy Bears

A customer brought me 3 mink coats to create Teddy Bears for her family. One light brown, one dark brown and one multicolored.

Here are the finished products. My customer and I are very happy with the results!

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I was also fortunate to receive one of these absolutely charming bears. It’s such a great use of family heirlooms and history. My bear is full of character and is superbly well-made. He will certainly last generations. It was a wonderful idea for a Christmas surprise.

Eric Christensen

My husband and grand daughter are lucky recipients of these bears. They are lovely, so well made with love. The sentiment of a family heirloom shared amongst the family is so heartwarming and special. Thank you to everyone involved from the original owners of the coats to our sister to the fine craftsperson, they are truly special.

Linda Gage-Cauley

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