My Grizzly Teddy Bear

My Grizzly Teddy Bear

About 20 years ago, I decided to make some  Huge Teddy Bears!

This Grizzly Bear was the first! 

I wanted him to have flat feet so he could sit and stand.  I used button eyes because they did not make glass ones this big.  I made my own discs to joint the limbs and head, they don't make them this huge. 

The cutting and sewing were the easy parts of this project.  The stuffing took hours!

Next I had to create the face.  The nose gave me sore fingers! I love the finished Teddy Bear.  He weighs a ton and takes up a whole car seat.



He has been hanging out with me all these years.  I decided it was time to find him a home where he would get lots of attention.  

I contacted my goddaughter Sylvia, she works at the Detroit Zoo and asked her if maybe the zoo would like to display him.  She was able to get the Grizzly Bear keeper to agree to take him on. So July 30th we made the trip to Trenton Michigan to take him to his new home.  I met Sylvia and gave her Grizzly.

He is now at his new home at the Detroit Zoo!





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