Collection: Mink Teddy Bears

Mink Teddy Bears are made with recycled mink coats.

Many customers have mink coats that they no longer wear or were given to them by a

relative or friend.  They want something useful made out of them.  This is where I come

in.  I take and recycle the mink into beautiful Teddy Bears.

Usually the owner of the coat asks me to create 1 or more Teddy Bear to create a

keepsake from their previously used coat.

The mink is made up of thin pelts that are sewn together.

It needs to be handled very carefully because they are fragile. 

I back the mink with strong interfacing to prevent it from tearing. Sometimes hand sewing it in place.

Cutting has to be done slowly to prevent the fur from being cut.

Once all the pattern pieces are cut it is time to sew the pieces together,  It is a slow process making sure the fur doesn’t get caught in the seams

Once all the parts are attached by placing discs to create movable joints.  The bear is stuffed and sewn closed.

Next comes the face eyes and nose installation.

And of course my tag.